Meal Prepping…

I am a big fan of prepping lunch for the next day, or if I’m feeling especially productive…  for the week.  Breakfast prep is fairly simple.  Grab 4-6 eggs and boil them the night before.


POW!  Breakfast is complete!!

My boyfriend and I can go through 30 eggs a week, though lately we’ve been going through 20 because the eggs that we got have a double yolk.  Oh and by the way…  if you’re in the San Jose area and you need eggs in bulk you should get them from Olivera Egg Ranch which is located at 3315 Sierra Rd.  Duck eggs, Quail Eggs, Chicken Eggs…different sizes and pack sizes for affordable prices.  Yes, you can even get organic.  Go check it out!

At the office if I am still hungry even after those eggs I will have a piece of fruit such as a banana, apple, or even an orange.

So why prep meals?  It’s WAY easier to just hop in the car, order a #1 and then drive back to the office right?  How much gas did you waste?  How about money?  Was that #1 nutritious?  Is it going to go straight to the hips?  When I cook a meal at home I know exactly what is going into the pan.  I make my food exactly how I want it, and I know that it’s good for me.

The meal prep for this week was Chicken Breast stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and sliced Garlic then wrapped in Bacon.


I might have to get the boyfriend to tell you all about using raw unpasteurized cheese as well as uncured bacon.  That might have to be a whole nother post.  We shall see..

The chicken breast was seasoned with salt and pepper prior to stuffing and wrapping.  Once wrapped, the chicken was placed on the BBQ grill seam and bacon end side down.  This is to ensure that the bacon will stay on the chicken and it will keep the chicken from unrolling when it cooks.  You will get a little cheese melting out of the ends which is fine.  Not too bad of a mess to clean up afterwards.  You can also pan fry it if you don’t want to mess with a grill.  No oil is necessary.  Just turn the heat to medium high and when the pan is hot just place the chicken in.  Why?  Because it’s going to cook in the bacon grease.

Oh and here’s the important part…  do not touch the chicken!!  Leave it there to cook!!  If you move it too soon the bacon will still be soft and BOOM…  chicken unrolls and mess mess mess.  Seriously…  leave it alone!!

Should take about 10 minutes on each side.  If you did it right they should look like this:


Looks tasty right?

Once they are cooled down a bit they were placed in containers with a side of roasted beets and kohlrabi.


Oooh!!  Note to self: make a post about kohlrabi.  And there you have it.  Lunch is served for the week.  Is a recipe really necessary?  I think I pretty much covered everything.  More to come!  ENJOY!


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