Easter Weekend…

I don’t know about you, but I had a pretty good Easter weekend.  I started Saturday morning bright and early and worked on an order of some Non-Paleo friendly desserts.

299231_508226209223231_900287246_n 479930_508406452538540_1756613228_n 482146_508491219196730_1787591650_n 540009_508412669204585_1849682030_n150184_508328642546321_946867501_n

My daughter had a lot of fun putting on the sprinkles and my son was an excellent tester of marshmallow bunnies.  Had to make sure they were quality before putting them on the cupcakes.

Once the order was delivered, I got the kids ready and headed over to an Easter party where it wasn’t too hard to stay within the Paleo diet since most of the entrees were BBQ’ed.  What I would have loved to try was the potato salad with the home made mayonnaise, but alas…  potatoes are not Paleo friendly.  Ah well…  The Easter egg hunt was fun.  My girl got upset at her brother a couple of times for grabbing the egg that she wanted, but other than that the kids had a lot of fun.

Sunday was spent being productive.  Went to the gym for “Arm Day”…  Check out these guns:



Helped some good people move to a new apartment, made an awesome dinner (Grilled up a London Broil and made a Broccoli/Cauliflower Puree and Yellow/Red Onions sauteed in butter), meal prep for the next couple of days (Hard boiled eggs and Meatloaf Muffins), homemade mayonnaise, and coconut macaroons.  (Pictures and recipes to come in the next couple of posts so please STAY TUNED!)  After dinner, we headed into the man cave and watched “The Network” which I thought was going to be all about computers and what not, but I was wrong.  Nevertheless, it was a great movie.  I suggest you take a gander.

photo (3)

Hope yours was a good weekend!!




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