Inspired by Purple Yams…

Prepping meals.  I’ve talked about it in a previous post and I like the fact that I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat for breakfast or lunch the next day.  It has already been prepared for me.  I thought about it ahead of time and it’s sitting in the fridge just waiting for me to take it to work.  Breakfast and lunch are good to go!  But then dinner…  Most days I know exactly what I want to eat.  I’ve thought about the different proteins that are out there.  I think about what’s in the fridge.  I will either look up a recipe on-line or I will make one up in my head.  It’s easy.  I don’t have to worry about it.  I’m good to go.

That didn’t happen last night though.  I had no idea what I wanted to eat.  Nothing sounded good.  I knew I was hungry or at least on the verge of getting hungry because I had just finished a back and shoulders work out at the gym.  What to eat?  A friend of mine sent me a text of what she had made for dinner and the picture looked good at first glance, but I felt like I had to make something way more epic.  But what?  On the way back home, my boyfriend and I stopped at a store called Sprouts to pick up some milk.  I wandered the protein section, which had a very lousy selection, and wasn’t inspired with anything that was there.  They had Bison, Elk, and Wild Boar, but they were ground meat and I wasn’t feeling it.  We decided to go to Whole Foods to see what they had there, but first I did a little wandering in the produce section.  That’s where inspiration hit!  I found this:

image (4)

Purple Sweet Potato or Purple Yam or what I normally call it:   Ube.  I’ve had it before, but usually in Filipino desserts such as cake or ice cream.  I’ve also had it cut up like french fries and oven baked with a little coconut oil and salt, but when I saw these in the store I was inspired to puree them and serve them as a side to some kind of fish.  I got my google on earlier and found that there are two types of purple yam.  There’s the one pictured above which has the darker skin and isn’t readily available in the US except for maybe some Asian/Oriental markets.  This particular yam grows on a vine above ground.  The second one has a lighter skin and grows underground.  It’s similar to the lighter sweet potato, but when you cut it open you’ll see the vibrant purple.  Both are Paleo friendly, high in potassium, fiber, vitamin C, etc.  In short, they’re good for you.  Boil em’, Mash em’, put em in a stew.  😛

We made our purchases and then headed to Whole Foods for the rest of the ingredients.  When we get there I  couldn’t decide if I wanted to get the Halibut or the Chilean Sea Bass.  Both are delicious, both are easy to cook, and both have great flavor.  I ended up going with the Halibut because the guy at the counter said it was fresher by three days.  SOLD!

Get back home after one more stop and dinner prep is underway.  In the end, the halibut is in a marinade of EVOO, lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic and then grilled for 5 minutes on each side.  The puree took a bit longer to make as I added a couple of things to it.  After all was said and done, dinner was AMAZING!  Recipes can be found HERE.


It was also pretty late when we finished eating and so we promptly went to bed.  Comfy bed…  snuggling…  food coma initiated…  🙂


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