Ridonkulously Busy…

I’m super excited about this weekend.  I’ll be running in the Carlsbad 5000, which is a 5k (or 3.1 miles) located in Carlsbad, CA.  I’ve never been there before, but looking at pictures on-line it should be a pretty run.  Well… if the weather holds up.  Another reason why I’m excited is because I’ll be meeting up with my friend Jack who I met my freshman year of high school.  That’s 18 years of friendship right there.

Before I can even think about driving down for the weekend I need to get things situated at home.  There’s laundry that I need to finish up, breakfast for the kids, pack, figure out where I’m going to stay once I’m there…  It’s days like today where I feel like Superwoman.  I somehow pull it out in the end and get everything done.

I started my morning with laundry and then a post of a recipe that I meant to do yesterday, but I lost track of time.  Then at 845 I left for an appointment, pay my cell phone bill, and then a stop at the bank.  Back at home and it was time to make breakfast.

Typical Saturday breakfast is scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage and some kind of fruit or gluten free treat.  In the pic below that’s a Banana Date Muffin which is gluten free and sugar free.  I’ll have to post the recipe another day.  Oh and I know I’ll probably catch some grief from my boyfriend from this, but that’s coffee with hazelnut creamer in there.  There’s sugar in that creamer, but it’s super tasty!!

image (5)

image (6)


Getting the kids to eat breakfast is not a problem since it’s everything that they like.  Though lunch and dinner can be kind of tricky.  When I ask them what it is they want to eat they’ll mention Top Ramen or Mac and Cheese.  I don’t even buy those for them anymore.  I’ve been making them eat healthier.  I’m not enforcing the Paleo Lifestyle onto them so they still partake in rice or bread with some of their meals, but that’s okay.  I make sure that there’s more protein or vegetables on their plate because rice is a side not the main entree.

Anyhoo…  race day tomorrow!!  Long drive today.  I reckon I better continue on with my day.  Happy Saturday!!


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