Tuna Salad

I would have to say that tuna salad would have to be the easiest dish to make.  It’s also the most versatile.  You can put any number of things in tuna salad and if you like it, then it’s delicious!  So here is the recipe for the tuna salad that my boyfriend and I made yesterday.  You can add or omit whatever you like.  Have it your way!!  🙂


Tuna Salad




1 Red Bell Pepper

2 strips of uncured bacon (I had to cut them in half so it would fit in the pan)

2 cans of tuna in water.

1 small white onion (diced)

1 cup of Mayonnaise (see recipe HERE to make your own at home.)

3-4 cloves of garlic (minced)

1 tblsp of Italian Parsley (minced)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Hot Sauce (Optional)



1.  Cook your bacon.



2.   Open cans of tuna and put them in a bowl.  Add mayo and mix.



3.  Dice/Chop/Mince!!  Add all to bowl and mix.



4.  Add salt and pepper to your taste preference.  I personally don’t do spicy foods, but my boyfriend does so he adds hot sauce to his bowl after I get my share.



And there you have it!!  If you feel like that it’s too dry for you go ahead and add a bit more mayonnaise.  Want to add a kick to it?  Dice up some hot peppers!!  I also like adding hard boiled eggs and for a bit of a creamy texture to it I add avocado.  Seriously…  the possibilities to this tuna salad recipe is ENDLESS!!

Start with the basics:  Tuna, Mayonnaise, Salt and Pepper.  Then add to it what you like.  ENJOY!!


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