This little fruit gives me the giggles…







kumquat or cumquat

I have never had the pleasure of this fruit until about three days ago when my boss brought a bowl of it to the office.  I’ve heard of them and had seen them in the store, but the name makes me giggle.  I have a dirty mind.  Words like “duty” and “masticate” give me chuckles.  So when my boss offered me the bowl I had to stifle a laugh.

They’re quite small and vibrant in their orange color.  I had no idea how to eat them of course.  Did I have to peel off the skin?  Is the skin edible?  Are there seeds?  Is it going to be sweet or sour?  My boss said to just take a bite, but she said it with a smile and that made me suspicious.  I literally got my google on and searched “How to Eat a Kumquat” and learned how to do it.  I know…  it’s not rocket science.  Just man up, pop it into your mouth and give it a go!  I just had to make sure though…

So I took a bite, and I must say that the first bite was sour and tarty.  I knew to expect it, but I don’t eat many sour or tart tasting foods and I’m not used to it.  I got over the shock and re-took the bite this time actually breaking it in two with my teeth and proceeded to actually taste this strange and new fruit.  It was quite delicious.  Once I got over the initial sour/tarty shock I enjoyed the fruit, and helped myself to more.  Didn’t care much for the seeds so I spit them out.

In the end I finished the bowl and I eagerly await the arrival of more of this delicious fruit to the office.  My boss tells me that in China they symbolize good luck or good fortune.  She makes sure to have a lot of them during Chinese New Year.

Nutritional data on this fruit can be found HERE.

Happy Thursday!!




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