Blood Oranges…

You know that opening scene in Showtime’s “Dexter” where he slices into that blood orange?  Here’s the video if you have no idea what I’m talking about.  When I first cut into these bad boys I totally thought about the show.

Blood Orange

Granted, I didn’t juice them afterwards, I ate them as is.

I had heard about blood oranges, but I never had the opportunity to purchase some.  It wasn’t until the office changed locations from Sunnyvale to Los Altos and we explored the area to find this WONDERFUL little store called The Milk Pail Market.  They have fresh fruit and vegetables, assorted cheese, meat and breads.  Everything is affordable, the workers there are very friendly, helpful and they know their shit.  I was walking around the store and spotted these gems.  They were small and orange, but the skin had a red to dark red blush to them.  I would have just assumed that they were regular old oranges, but I saw the sign that said “Blood Orange” and I had to have them.

Again, as I was cutting into them I pretended like I was Dexter Morgan waking up in the morning.  The fruit was fresh, sweet and juicy.  There are seeds so if you’re eating them be careful and pick them out.  I had offered some to my co-workers, but I ended up eating everything that was on the plate.  Whoops!  I will definitely be going back for more.  Perhaps next time I will juice them or even make a sorbet out of them!!  Oh the possibilities…

You can learn about the blood orange HERE or HERE.


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