Gizzards… Yes, Gizzards.

The Paleo Lifestyle is a carnivore’s dream.  At least to me that’s how it feels like.  I enjoy meat and if you’re a vegetarian or vegan well…  you can preach to someone else.  I’m not going to stop.  I’ve always known that there are different ways to cook meat and I’ve tried them all.  Even raw.  But in the past I limited myself to what I knew.  Thanks to cooking shows, word of mouth, and even walking through a grocery store and browsing the selections I’ve discovered that there’s more to meat than chops, legs and thighs, or even fillets.

For this particular recipe I used chicken gizzards.  What are they?  It’s an organ that helps the chicken grind up hard food, such as seeds, to help with digestion.  More information can be found HERE.  I am sure I have seen gizzards before or was even offered one in the past, but at the time it probably looked weird and I wasn’t adventurous enough to even attempt a taste.  I tried it a couple of months ago when my boyfriend took the giblets of a chicken that we were cooking for lunch and fried it up.  I am much more adventurous now that I have a partner in crime to try it with, so I ate it.  First impression…  It’s tough, chewy, crunchy and…  DELICIOUS! The more round meaty party of the gizzard is softer and less chewy/tough than the more thinner parts of it.  Since it’s chicken, the gizzard was able to, oh what’s the word… accept(?) the flavor of the seasoning that we used in the pan.

Seriously…  give it a try.

They’re also inexpensive.  The tray that I have pictured below was about a pound and cost $1.47.  HELLA cheap and feeds two people.  WHAT?!  Who doesn’t love a good deal?  For this recipe I cooked an egg overeasy and put it over the bamboo shoots.  I LOVE runny yolk and it just added to the flavor of the dish.  I also topped it with fresh tomato.

Please note that I do not measure when I cook so all measurements listed below are guesstimates.  If you’re going to season anything please use a little at a time, and when your food is cooked do a taste test and add more seasoning if it is not to your liking.


Chicken Gizzards with Sauteed Bamboo Shoots, Onions, and Garlic



1 small can of Bamboo Shoots – Strips (Not sure the brand or the size.  I’m going to guess 8 oz.  All I know is that it was 100% bamboo shoots and water on the ingredient label.)

1/2 an onion or 1 small onion (sliced)

1 roma tomato (diced and seeded)

4 cloves of garlic (minced)

2 tsp of fresh chopped oregano

1 lb of chicken gizzards (You want to rinse them to wash off any grit that might still be on them.  You can also slice them up if you like.  I left mine as is.)

2-3 tblsp of coconut oil

salt and pepper to taste



1.  Preheat pan on medium heat and melt coconut oil.

2.  Add onion to the pan and cook til it’s nice and caramelized.  About 5 minutes.

3.  Add gizzards to pan and cook for 10 minutes.  Make sure you stir every so often so that it cooks evenly.  This is where you would season your food so add the oregano, salt and pepper.



4.  Add garlic and bamboo shoots.  Cook another 5 minutes.

5.  DONE!!  Plate and serve with fresh tomato.


I don’t know about you, but this looks super tasty.  ENJOY!!


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