Homemade Kimchee (Kimchi)



(Written by PaleoBoyfriend) There are many different ways to make kimchi and you can use many different vegetables.  Fermented foods are super healthy and I feel can have a place in the paleo lifestyle.  The problem with store bought kimchi is that they all contain sugar, which is not healthy and is used in order to speed up the fermentation process thus making it to store shelf quicker.  It is for this reason I decided to make my own kimchi, as home made kimchi typically does not have this ingredient.  It is surprisingly easy to make and is very delicious.



You need the following ingredients:

Napa Cabbage 4-5 lbs

Salt, NOT iodized (I use sea salt)

fish sauce 1/4 cup, the one I used did not contain sugar

ginger, to taste

garlic, a few cloves to taste

onion, I typically use green onion but didn’t have any so white onion was used instead, it really doesn’t matter.

Korean red pepper 1/4 cup, medium spicy, more or less could be used depending on how spicy you want it


Misc. Kitchen Items:

Cutting Board


1 large bowl.  (Large enough to fit all of your chopped cabbage.)


Food processor

4-5 Mason Jars (Doesn’t have to be mason jars, just make sure whatever container you use, it’s air tight.)





image[2]     photo


1.  Half the cabbage, de-core, then chop as shown above.


image[1]     image


2. In the large bowl, add a layer of cabbage then liberally pour on sea salt.

image[1]     image[2]

3.  Continue adding salt with each layer of cabbage until all cabbage is in the bowl, let sit for 45 minutes to 1 hour


4.  prepare other ingredients while cabbage is dehydrating


5.  put onions, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, and pepper into a processor.  Chop all ingredients together, they should still be very coarse.



6.  cabbage should be shriveling, you can mix it if you want and pour out the excess water that will be at the bottom of the bowl.




7.  transfer the cabbage to a colander and let sit for about 10 minutes



8.  rinse off the cabbage to get most of the salt off



9.  pour contents of the food processor into the large bowl, then squeeze the remaining water out of the cabbage



10.  as you are squeezing the excess water from the cabbage place it into the bowl with the other ingredients

image     image[1]      photo


11.  mix everything together

image[2]     image[1]


12.  pack the mixture into air tight jars



13.  After sealed, the jars should sit out at room temperature for 48 hours to ferment, then transfer to the fridge  🙂


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