Hiking at Pinnacles National Park


I went hiking yesterday at the Pinnacles over in Hollister.  As prepared as I THOUGHT I was for the hike over there, at the end I found out that I wasn’t.  It was a beautiful day yesterday.  The sun was shining, the skies were clear and blue, and I was ready for the hike.  The last time I went to the Pinnacles it was December 2011 and it was cold.  The time before that, it was summer and it was a dry heat.  So again…  yesterday looked to be a very beautiful day.

In the morning I prepped the camelbaks.  Ice and water in the reservoir filled all the way to the top.  Bags were packed with paleo friendly snacks:  Bananas, hard boiled eggs, tangerines, nuts, etc.  Sunblock.  Check!  Sunglasses.  Check!  We were ready.

The drive took about an hour or so.  We (PaleoJoe, his friend E, and myself) talked about bad, yet oh so good, horror movies.  It was a rather enjoyable ride.  When we finally get to the Pinnacles we got out of the car, grabbed our stuff, and then made out way onto the trail.  E was the guide because he had the map, and if you asked PaleoJoe or myself which way we wanted to go we most likely would have responded with “I don’t know.  Where do you want to go?  Whichever way is fine with me.”

The first part of the hike was good.  Got to see nature, climb over rocks, spelunking…  Good times.  I believe it was a little under two hours into the hike when I picked a spot in the shade to eat.  More good times.  We’re rehydrating.  We’re replenishing calories.  After the break we continue on.  It was about 15-20 minutes into the hike and I just wasn’t keeping up.  These boys are fast!  They slowed it down for me, but it’s about 2 in the afternoon and the heat is getting to me.  I’m having trouble keeping up still and although I’m drinking water, I feel a headache coming on and my hands are slowly swelling.  But we keep going.  It’s slow going because there were a couple of times where I felt dizzy.


A little over 9 miles later we finally make it back to the car and we’re all exhausted.  So what did I learn on this hiking adventure?  When you think you have enough water…  get some more!!  Even if you don’t need it, another person in your party might.  Hydrate hydrate hydrate!!


Sunblock is amazing and useful so if you think you put enough sunblock on for the day…  put more!!  Especially on the sensitive areas that you don’t think about like the back of your neck, ears, face (yeah you might be wearing a hat, but put sunblock on just in case.)

Happy Monday!


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