Olivera Egg Ranch


There’s a store that PaleoJoe and I go to whenever we are running low on eggs, and that’s Olivera Egg Ranch.  A few months ago we used to just go to our local store and pay $5 or more a carton for a dozen eggs.


Then we discovered that at a local farmer’s market we can buy 30 eggs for $7.  You don’t realize how many eggs you use until you’re constantly buying them.  PaleoJoe and I eat 3 hard boiled eggs each in the morning for breakfast during the work week.  That comes out to 30 eggs a week or 120 eggs a month!  Buying that many eggs at a grocery store would cost us $50+ a month or at the farmer’s market $28.  But… I remembered that there’s this egg ranch…


I used to live in the area where the egg ranch is located and would pass by it on my way home from work.  I had been meaning to stop by and check it out, but I am terrified of birds.  No seriously…  Ornithophobia is a real thing.  I had always thought that THIS would happen to me, and the end result would be this:



I know…  you’re probably thinking, “You’re just being silly.” and you’re laughing at me right now.  That’s all right.  I’m sure you have an irrational fear as well, but if you ask PaleoJoe or anyone else that has seen me with a bird around, you will find it to be true.  I am that crying child.   I feel that child’s pain, and yes I am hella laughing at that picture and the video only because it’s not happening to me.  It’s hilarious yet terrifying.  I am laughing with fear tears in my eyes.

Anyhoo…  I went off on a tangent right there.

Lucky for me there aren’t any chickens running around laying eggs everywhere.  It’s a clean store with an area in the back where they keep all of the eggs.  There are many to choose from:  Duck, Chicken, Quail and if you want double yolks, cracked or organic…  they have it.


We ended up paying $30 for 15 dozen (180 total) organic/cage free eggs.

image[2]     photo


So totaling it all up…  15 dozen eggs at a grocery store $75 ($45 savings) or at a farmer’s market $42 ($12 savings).  POW!!  How about that for bargain shopping?  I know that 180 eggs sounds like a whole lotta eggs, but it’s really not when you break down the usage.  120 eggs for breakfast on monday-friday.  That leaves us with 60 eggs to use for making omelettes/scrambled eggs (average 4 eggs per), baking (average recipe calls for 2-3 eggs per), or even mayonnaise (2-3 eggs).  When we’re down to our last couple of cartons we just head on down to the egg ranch and pick up another box.  Just doing our part to keep the local business, which has been around for over 50 years, alive and open.

Every time we’ve gone to the store the customer service is top notch.  Helpful, service with a smile, and if there are cracked eggs they will gladly take the egg from the carton and replace it with a fresh one.  They typically go through all of the eggs prior to packaging them, but I’m going to assume that customers will mishandle packages that are sitting on top and things happen.  No biggie!  Either way, the egg can be replaced if you so want it.

Oh and can I tell you that we’ve been trying to figure out the whole “How to peel an egg” situation.  We’ve read and tried different ways on how to peel an egg perfectly, but it’s kind of hit or miss.  I will most likely write something on it when we’ve finally mastered the technique.  I know that there’s a way to do it without having our eggs look like someone nibbled on them.  EGGS!!


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