Hard Boiled Eggs

We’ve all done it at one point in time.  We’ve put eggs in a pot, got it to boil and when it was cool enough to handle we peeled the egg.  But…  it wasn’t cooked all the way and now it’s a huge mess.  Start over!  I’ve been making hard boiled eggs for a good couple of months now and I pretty sure I know what I’m doing.  😛  Posted below, I’ve got the easy step by step way to cook hard boiled eggs.

For this recipe you’re going to need the following:



6 Chicken eggs.  I’m not sure of the cooking times for a duck or quail egg as I have yet to hard boil one, but as soon as I know how I will post about it.  Double yolks take longer to cook.  The eggs in this recipe are single yolks.  Oh and I specifically say six eggs because that’s how many eggs fit in the pot that I used.

Speaking of pot…  You’re going to need a pot with a lid.  Put all of your eggs in the pot and fill with water.



Put the lid on  and turn your stove to high.

image[5] image[4]


When the water has come to a boil you’re going to turn off your stove.

image[3] image[2]


Move the pot from the hot burner and set a time for 12 minutes.

image[1] image


Once the 12 minutes are up, dump the hot water and replace with cold water.  You want the eggs to cool down before you can peel them.



I have also just left the eggs in the hot water because I had forgotten about them and have been able to peel and eat them afterwards.  It’s perfectly fine.

I would have a post about how to peel eggs so that they don’t look like a hot mess, but I have yet to master that technique.  Though I must say that older eggs are much easier to peel than fresh ones.  I also find that if you crack the egg and then roll it on a hard surface with light pressure that works too.  But…  until I have mastered the technique of peeling eggs I can’t say that these tricks are fool proof.  More often than not I’ve had pretty eggs, but every now and again I’ll have a batch coming out looking like a hot mess.

Anyhoo…  In short: Eggs, water, pot with lid, turn stove to high, bring to boil, turn off stove and take pot off hot burner, sit for 12 minutes, dump hot water and let eggs cool down either with cool water or just put it aside, peel eggs, ENJOY!

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