Look at how pretty those look!!

April Showers bring May mangoes!!  Around late April and beginning of May is when you’ll start seeing mangoes in your local grocer.  I LOVE mangoes.  They’re delicious peeled and sliced.  They’re delicious frozen in smoothies or made into sorbets.  Ever have dried mangoes?  The one I usually get I can’t have anymore because they add sugar to it, but if you’re not worried about your sugar intake then they are super delicious!!  They are delicious PERIOD!  There are many different kinds of mangoes (manila, haitian, purple, etc.) but the red one (like the one pictured above) would have to be my favorite.  Did you know that mangoes are the national fruit of the Philippines?  I think it’s also the national fruit of India and somewhere else.  I’m sure you can can get your google on and find out.

If I could, I would have a mango tree that way I can have fresh mangoes as soon as they are in season.  I don’t think you can grow one in California.  I do not have a green thumb whatsoever, but I think they need a more tropical climate.  Oooh!!  You know what else I like?  Green, not yet ripe mangoes.  They’re sour and still crunchy, but when you dip it in bagoong or shrimp fry:

lbahay-salted-shrimp-12oz 4509283851_cf262d1021


You get the salty with the sour and sometimes sweet (depending on how ripe your green mango has gotten).  I haven’t had this tarty snacky in awhile, but now that I’m talking about it I want some!!

I’m talking about mangoes today because PaleoJoe and I had gone grocery shopping yesterday after the gym, and mangoes were on sale at Sprouts.  Buy two mangoes for $1.  What a deal!!  At Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s they were running at $1.50 EACH!  At Sprouts I ended up buying 10 of them, and if I end up getting sick of them I can always peel em, slice em, and freeze them so I can use them in a fruit smoothie or even make a sorbet sometime in the future.  POW!  How about an applause for not wasting food?

Mangoes… as I said before, they come in different varieties.  You can usually find them in your local grocer, though I do recommend that you shop around because they can get a bit pricey.  The meat is sweet and soft, and delicious!  Did I mention delicious?!  To prep a mango it’s as easy as peeling the skin and slicing off chunks of meat.  The seed of the mango is large and you’ll have to cut around it.  When you try to slice into one you’ll feel the resistance.  That’s the seed.  You can keep the skin on and slice it like a hedgehog:


If you’re going to buy mangoes at the store pick ones that aren’t bruised and have no cuts in the skin.  If you lightly squeeze the mango and it feels hard, then it’s not ripe.  Squeeze another lightly and if you feel that it gives just a little, then it’s just right.  Don’t squeeze too hard.  If you’re just not getting it then ask a worker in the produce section and they will help you out.  You can store mangoes at room temperature to ripen.  If you have ripe ones already then you can store them in the fridge.  Just take em out and let them come to room temperature before peeling and slicing.

Mangoes are rich in dietary fiber, potassium and vitamin A/C.  They’re nature’s healthy candy!  For more nutritional information go HERE.

An mangoes… I think I’ll cut one up and enjoy one right now.  You should too!


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