Plantain Chips

I was at Trader Joe’s yesterday after the gym, which probably wasn’t a good idea because I was super hungry.  Everything at the store looked delicious and it all needed to make its way into my belly.  At the register there was a bag of plantain chips, but it was fried in sunflower oil and that’s not Paleo friendly.  PaleoJoe said that if I wanted plantain chips he would buy them fresh and make them at home.  SOLD!!  There weren’t any plantains at Trader Joe’s so we made a stop at Sprouts and picked some up.


Before I go any further…  what’s a plantain?  It’s a big starchy banana.  There’s a Filipino dessert called Turon where you roll it in sugar, wrap it in lumpia wrapper and deep fry it.  SO GOOD and SO BAD for you.  Not very Paleo friendly.  The plantain doesn’t taste very good raw.  I know, I’ve tried it.  It’s actually kinda gross.  So if you plan on trying a plantain, cook it first.

You might find a few of them at your local grocer next to the regular bananas, and you’ll notice that they are thicker than a regular banana.  The peel is also thicker and depending on how ripe it is, you may have some trouble trying to take it off.  I like to cut off the end, slice down the center and peel it that way.  Store them just like you would a regular banana.  You can get more info on plantains HERE or HERE.




Plantains (3-4 ripe plantains.)

Coconut oil (Enough to cover the whole frying pan.  If you have enough to submerge the fruit then cooking time will be a whole lot shorter)



1.  Preheat your frying pan and coconut oil.  Medium to medium high heat.

2.  Peel your fruit


3.  Slice your fruit as evenly as possible.



4.  Once your pan has pre-heated, put your chips in.


5.  Let it cook for a couple of minutes.  5-7 perhaps.  Just keep an eye on it.  When they are a nice brown on the side then flip.


6.  When they are cooked, put them in a colander with paper towel to soak up an excess oil.


7.  From here you can let them cool and eat them as is, or if you want you can add salt or sugar/brown sugar with cinnamon.  Entirely up to you!  Just put a little at a time, taste, and add more to your liking.


8.  Transfer to a serving dish/bowl and ENJOY!!

I am not sure how long these will keep for as we made them last night.  I would imagine a couple of days in an air tight container.  I would also like to note that the taste and texture is way better when they’re fresh.  Not to say that they weren’t amazing the next day, but still.  It’s tastier and crispier when it’s eaten the same day.  ENJOY!!



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