Mother’s Day Weekend

As you may or may not know, I am a mother of two beautiful children.  This weekend, for Mother’s Day, we went to Santa Cruz for the day.  The night before and in the morning I had prepared a bag of snacks for the trip because I didn’t want to have to spend any money on food.  You can easily spend $40, $50 or more just hanging out at the Boardwalk and to me that’s just a waste of money.  In the cooler I had hard boiled eggs, cut up mango, grapes, string cheese, 2 coconut waters, leftover london broil, gluten free cashew nut cookies, baked yams, and 2 peanut butter sandwiches (for my son).  Before heading out of the house I had the kids change into their swimsuits and then BOOM!  On our way.

Our first stop was the Big Foot Museum which PaleoJoe had already been so I had him drive.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  I LOVE living in California.  It wasn’t too hot, it wasn’t too cold, and there was a light breeze.  The Big Foot Museum was pretty small.  There really wasn’t much to see and the guy sitting behind the counter didn’t offer any extra info.  We just kinda glanced at everything, but didn’t really take much in.  There was a really awesome collection of Harry and the Henderson movie memorabilia which had me thinking about the movie for a bit, but other than that it was kind of blah.

Our next stop was Downtown Santa Cruz where we stopped at the Sock Shop & Shoe Company.  They had a wall of socks, and I was in heaven!!  I am a big fan of knee high socks and had acquired a collection of them.   Here’s a picture of three that I bought.


I LOVE em!  They’re amazing!!  🙂

After shopping Downtown we made our way to the beach because by then, the kids were bothering me and asking, “Are we going to the beach NOW?!”  Yes…  it was time to take them.

image image[3] image[1] image[2]

We spent the next couple of hours lying in the sun and relaxing.  My girl likes to build sand castles and my boy is a fish.  I was a little worried about him swimming, but after watching him for an hour and he wasn’t having any trouble at all I relaxed.  I may have even dozed off for a bit.  I don’t know.  I think we stayed until about 530.  It was getting windy and cold plus the food supply was getting low.  Definitely time to go.  My girl was upset that we were leaving, but that was to be expected.  The rest of Saturday was spent in Greenfield at my good friends the Sanchez’s because we were invited to celebrate their son’s first communion.

The following morning I was woken up and surprised with a card and present from the kids.



My kids got me the dress, the sunglasses, and the shoes.  They also got me this:



Amazing right?!  Yes, I’ve already worn it.  🙂

I spent the rest of the morning baking a Mother’s Day dessert for a dinner that I was going to help prepare later in the evening.  It took a bit longer than expected since I was trying out a new recipe, but it came out PERFECTLY in the end.  I was worried that the base was going to overcook since normally it takes about 20-30 minutes, but I had it in the oven for an hour.  I was also a little impatient because I had to drop the kids off with their Dad and I didn’t want to get harassed for dropping them off late, but then again it was Mother’s Day and I could give a rat’s ass if I was late dropping my Loveys off.

Anyhoo… after I had dropped them off, which was very hard for me because it WAS Mother’s Day and I really wish that I could’ve had them longer, I headed over to PaleoJoe’s place and picked him up.  We were to prepare Mother’s Day dinner for his Mom and she had requested BBQ chicken.  MOM’s has an awesome deal on chicken and so we picked up about 15 pounds of chicken.  You’re probably thinking, “Oh WTF?!  That’s a lot of chicken!”  We usually meal prep on Sundays so we figured we’ll just BBQ up our meals for the week.  Easy peasy!  We also picked up a few items from my place since we were nearby.

When we get back to his place my AMAZING boyfriend gives me this:



I have been wanting one ever since they first came out, but I just never got around to making the purchase.  Now I have one and I LOVE IT!  I finally set it up this morning.  Oh and yesterday while in Santa Cruz we had stopped at this clothing shop where I had tried on these two beautiful dresses.  I left the store without making a purchase because 1. I had no idea how much the dresses were because there was no price tag on it, 2. I wasn’t in Santa Cruz to shop for a dress (just socks, which I had already got) and 3. The kids were getting restless and we had to go.  After playing at the beach, PaleoJoe took me back to that store and bought those two dresses for me.  I am absolutely humbled by his generosity and I definitely appreciate it.  He doesn’t have to do these things to keep me.  All I want his his love, respect and trust.  He’s just an amazing person and I love him to pieces.  🙂

When we got back to his place I was hungry so I made a tuna salad while he started the marinade for the chicken.  We did some more meal prep for dinner, and by the time his mom came back from hiking it was pretty much complete.  We went with her to run some errands and I know that she appreciated it.  I don’t know if you’ve been to Costco, but it’s similar to Sam’s Club or even Walmart.  It’s a giant warehouse where they have pallets of food, clothing, knick knacks, and they are all priced low since it’s in bulk.  Normally, parking is a bitch and you spend maybe an hour and a half in the place trying to get all that you need and etc etc.  We get there and find parking right up front and within a minute of pulling into the parking lot.  We spend 30 minutes grabbing our stuff, paying and even adding PaleoJoe to the Costco membership.  BOOM!  We got shit done!!  Next stop was Sprout’s for raw milk, uncured bacon, and organic produce.  Last stop was Summerwinds Nursery for a tomato plant.  What would have been maybe a two to three hour errand run for only one person was knocked down to one since PaleoJoe and I were there to help.

Time to cook dinner!  Since everything was already prepped, all we had to do was fire up the grill and turn on the oven.  Dinner was complete in 30 minutes.  Oh and remember that dessert I was talking about?


Yes, I do believe that I really outdid myself with this one.  The base is gluten free Brownie, then we have a Marscapone Cheesecake middle with brownie pieces mixed in, and then it is topped with a sugar free Whipped Cream.  All of it is homemade, all of it is made from scratch, and it was AMAZING!  It wasn’t too sweet, it wasn’t too rich, it was just decadent and delicious and to die for.  I’m going to have to post the recipe one of these days for all three separate parts and then the entire thing as one.

PaleoJoe’s Dad and Grandmother joined us for dinner.  After dinner we went for a walk with his Dad and while Grammie finished the rest of her dinner.  We talked about life, diet, etc.  To finish Sunday off, PaleoJoe and I hung out in his man cave and watched an episode of Sherlock.  AWESOME show!!  Go watch it.  It’s on Netflix.

I don’t know about you, but I had an amazing weekend.  I hope that you did too, and if you didn’t have one yesterday, then go have one today.  It’s never too late to make your day an amazing one.  🙂


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