Tri-tip Meal Prep

If you have the opportunity and the storage capacity to purchase in bulk then I say do it.  Especially if there’s a sale or an amazing deal.  Once a month, PaleoJoe and I hit up our local egg ranch and purchase a large box of eggs, which we then boil up 30 at a time so that we have our breakfast for the week.  The rest are kept in storage.  Can’t really do this with most fruit or vegetables, but it’s always best to eat fresh anyway.  I think you’re safe with buying a week’s worth of produce as long as you make sure to eat it.

Here’s a link to a list of Freezable Foods.  Here’s another from Eating Well.  And just for kicks here’s another from Iowa State University.

The other day we had stopped at Smart and Final because they have tri-tip in bulk there.  You can just as easily purchase them at Costco, which is known for their bulk products, but a package of tri-tip at Smart and Final contains 5 two pound steaks.  I know that most people don’t normally purchase all that meat unless they’re have a BBQ party, but with a lot of dry seasoning and a few freezer bags you have easy access meat.

Here’s a breakdown of what we do when we get a bulk bag:

1.  Package is opened and the meat is placed into separate freezer bags.

2.  Season your meat.  Have a pre-made dry rub or seasoning?  Use that!  If you have multiple canisters or dried herbs and spices and you know what you like then do that.  Do this for each of the bags.


3.  Rub the seasoning into the meat.

IMG_1290 IMG_1291  IMG_1289 IMG_1293

4.  Seal up your bags and place them in the freezer.  Check out all that meat!!

IMG_1294 IMG_1295

5.  When you’re thinking about firing up the grill then make sure you take out the bag a day prior so that it will defrost in time.


So now you’ve got your meat ready for the grill, or perhaps you would like to roast it in the oven, either way is fine.  For this steak it was cooked on a grill with a small smoker.  When the grill is at the right temperature and it’s not a fiery inferno, add your meat to the grill.

IMG_1343 IMG_1346

The other day we had attended a festival called Boogie on the Bayou and there was a vendor selling these gems:


It’s a mini smoker.  If you like to have the smokey flavor to your meat, whether it’s on a charcoal/wood grill or a propane grill, you can add this little canister and in a few minutes it will start smoking.  Just put the cover down and let it do its work.  Here’s a link to The Smoke Stack Company and they also have a facebook page.


Now depending on how well you like to cook your meat (we like rare) you leave it on the grill for that amount of time.  When ours was ready it came out looking BEAUTIFUL!

IMG_1353 IMG_1355


This was cooked up as a meal prep for the week.  2 pounds came out to 4 total meals with a side dish (Celeriac and Cauliflower Puree).  Just portion out everything in an appropriately sized container, seal and store in the fridge.  Just don’t forget to take it out before you go to work.  Super tasty meal to make you the envy of all your co-workers.  ENJOY!


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