Blogging Vacation

Is there such a thing as a blogging vacation?  Or is it more like, I got a bit lazy and didn’t feel like writing about anything.  It’s not that I wasn’t doing anything.  Actually, PaleoJoe and I had participated in two races:


The first run was a 5-miler in San Jose called the San Jose Giant Race.  It was pretty hot that morning, but we powered through and I believe we got in at a little over an hour.  I saw a bunch of my runner friends at the race so I was pretty excited.



The second race was called Jeremy and Juliet’s Fun Run, and I would have to say that this was the funnest race I had ever been in.  My Baby Sister and the kids had put together this race.  The goal was to run 13.1 miles and after each mile we would do some kind of obstacle or game.  That ended up not happening.  We were able to go about 6 miles and did two to three obstacles towards the end.  There was a three legged race, math quiz, limbo and a slip and slide!  The final mile had the kids and Baby Sister following us on their bikes with a speaker blasting “Eye of the Tiger” as we jogged.  Super fun!  We even got shirts, a swag bag, and a medal!  YAY!

My son is no longer in school.  His last day was on Friday.  I picked him up and handed him a slurpee when he got in the car.  I know, not Paleo, but it’s my Boo and he can have what he wants.  That morning he had dressed up.


And since he was dressed up, my Little Miss decided she wanted to dress up as well.


For breakfast he wanted donuts and I was happy to oblige.


It just so happened to be National Donut Day so it was kind of fitting.

The rest of the week was interesting to the say the least.  I will be blogging about it later and will most likely be creating another page for it.  I’m still trying to workout this blogging system and if anyone wants to help that would be fantastic.  Like…  Can I create a page in the blog for my recipes and just transfer the entries into that page?  They’re in categories right now, but I want to be able to create links for them all so that it’s easier to find.  Like an index or something.  Oh I’ll figure it out.

Anyhoo…  the next race is the Gladiator Rock n Run which was created by Dan “Nitro” Clark from the American Gladiators.  I ran this last year and the only thing that kicked my ass was the hill at the beginning of the race.  I know that I need to train on hills more, but I just dislike them.  I’ll do it I’ll do it.

Speaking of hills, I registered for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco again this year.  This time I signed up to run the full marathon.  I’ve been wanting to take on the challenge of a full marathon since I started running back in August 2011, but didn’t think I had the cajones to do it.  I’m gonna attempt to do it this year.  It’ll be a nice birthday present to myself.  🙂

I’ll be posting some recipes later on this week.  We still have some offal in the freezer that we haven’t gotten to yet.

Until Next Time…



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