Gladiator Rock N Run

I had an amazing Sunday.  It started early, which I know I know…  it’s a weekend, but it’s a mud run!!  YAY!!  Mud runs are fun!  Like I said, I had always wanted to be on American Gladiators or Gutz!, but never had the balls to go and do it.  Now I do!!  Mud runs!!  YAY!!


So on Sunday with PaleoJoe and two lovely ladies, we ran the Gladiator Rock n Run at Grant Ranch in San Jose.  I like choosing the earliest wave time possible because it’s not so hot, the mud is clean, and I can get on with the rest of my day wearing a fancy medal around my neck.  😛

I made breakfast for the gang which consisted of chicken sausage, scrambled eggs and red grapes.  We left the house at around 730 and made it with about a half hour to spare prior to our wave time.


Bag check, stretching, picture taking…

8:30 rolls around and we are at the starting line.  Dan “Nitro” Clark is at the stage and he’s talking to us and getting us pumped up for the run.  It’s good times.  We’re ready to go.  The first obstacle is “Hamburger Hill” and it’s a long ass steep hill that if you haven’t done hill training, will kick your ass.  The second obstacle is a really short tire obstacle.  Just run on through em.  Third obstacle is called “Tired Out”.  You have to lift and hold a tire over your head and do walking lunges.  It’s fine until about halfway when it’s down hill and you can feel the burn.  My arms and legs were jelly.

Fourth obstacle was Burpees.  Do ten of them.  Though when we got there, the guy told us to do 30, and by about 22 another guy came (the supervisor I think) and he says, “Oh you only have to do 10.”  WTF?!  Haha!  Oh well. Number five was “Polar Ice” and OMG…  COLD!  Lucky for us they weren’t dumping ice in there otherwise it would have been colder.  The shock of the cold made everything all tingly, but once you started moving again the cold felt really nice.

Sixth obstacle was…  Not sure.  Okay now I’m forgetting the obstacles, but there was a rope that you had to climb and ring the bell at the top.  “Buddha’s Burden” where you carry a bag of rice up and around and bring it back to Buddha.  “Wall of Shame” were you decide to climb up and over a 4′ tall pink wall or the 8′ wall.  I climbed the 8′ wall.  Dumpster climb where you climb into a dumpster and out.  I there there were two of those.  “Deadman Carry” where two people carry a third, then you climb over a tire wall, and then carry again.  “Tube Steak” where you climb over tubes, and then crawl through mud under barbed wire, through the tubs that you just climbed over, and then a mud crawl again.  Cargo net climb, jump over fire, incline wall (which I didn’t do, because it’s a pain the ass so I did burpees instead) and monkey bars.  Oh there was also a “Spider Walk” where you climb up a hill under a net and sometimes you can get your hand stuck or your hair if it’s in a bun.  There was one more mud crawl under barbed wire and then the very last obstacle was what I think was called “Team Woody”.  You need about 8 people to lift an 18-20 foot telephone pole up and walk it around and back.  I was too short to even really make a difference I think.  But I still helped!  Drop the pole and FINISH LINE!


Shiny pretty medals gleaning in the morning sun and I am the proud owner of one.  🙂


Oh we came out of it super muddy.  Shoes were ruined, hair a mess, tired, but proud.  Gladiator Rock n Run…  PWNED!

We got our bags from the check area and headed to the “showers” where we hosed off as much mud as we could.  I changed into a maxi dress and POW!  Picture time with my favorite man…



It was about 11 when we left the race and 1130 when we got back to my place.  Everyone left about 12 to shower and eat.  Funtastic Sunday morning!  Yeah sleeping in would have been nice, but how many people can say they swam in mud on Father’s Day and got a medal for it?  🙂

Stanford Dish & Arms Day at the Gym


It was a beautiful day yesterday here in California.  PaleoJoe and I have a friend who we like to work out with at Gold’s Gym and prior to picking him up from work we stopped at the Stanford Dish.


We’ve been here once before and the loop is easy, but hilly.  It will definitely challenge you.  The main entrance has a guard house to make sure that no one is biking on the trail, no one brings their dog, and to kick people out at 8 when the trail closes.  Apparently security even drives along the trail to make sure that people aren’t shenaniganizing.  Not that it’s a bad neighborhood or anything, but it’s Stanford and they have equipment on this trail that they don’t want people to tamper with.  That’s my guess.


There are a lot of people on this trail so no worries about getting harassed.  There’s a lot of ground squirrels, birds, and the occasional deer family.  Apparently it is also mountain lion country so keep an eye out.

After one loop on the trail we headed to our friend’s place of work and picked him up so we could go to the gym.  Tuesday is usually arms day when we go to Gold’s Gym because there’s a tricep machine that  PaleoJoe loves.  Says he really feels the burn when he uses it.  I took it easy and went about 5 lbs lighter on some exercises because I was feeling tired, and once during the set I felt dizzy.  Towards the end I was getting hungry.  Thinking back on it now, I think we did more tricep exercises than biceps.

I could be wrong…

Anyhoo…  I had my two gym buddies standing by to watch for signs of fatigue and struggle so I was good to go.  I didn’t overdo it.  I hydrated every other set and since there were three of us there was a longer rest period.  Staying fit and fabulous!

Blogging Vacation

Is there such a thing as a blogging vacation?  Or is it more like, I got a bit lazy and didn’t feel like writing about anything.  It’s not that I wasn’t doing anything.  Actually, PaleoJoe and I had participated in two races:


The first run was a 5-miler in San Jose called the San Jose Giant Race.  It was pretty hot that morning, but we powered through and I believe we got in at a little over an hour.  I saw a bunch of my runner friends at the race so I was pretty excited.



The second race was called Jeremy and Juliet’s Fun Run, and I would have to say that this was the funnest race I had ever been in.  My Baby Sister and the kids had put together this race.  The goal was to run 13.1 miles and after each mile we would do some kind of obstacle or game.  That ended up not happening.  We were able to go about 6 miles and did two to three obstacles towards the end.  There was a three legged race, math quiz, limbo and a slip and slide!  The final mile had the kids and Baby Sister following us on their bikes with a speaker blasting “Eye of the Tiger” as we jogged.  Super fun!  We even got shirts, a swag bag, and a medal!  YAY!

My son is no longer in school.  His last day was on Friday.  I picked him up and handed him a slurpee when he got in the car.  I know, not Paleo, but it’s my Boo and he can have what he wants.  That morning he had dressed up.


And since he was dressed up, my Little Miss decided she wanted to dress up as well.


For breakfast he wanted donuts and I was happy to oblige.


It just so happened to be National Donut Day so it was kind of fitting.

The rest of the week was interesting to the say the least.  I will be blogging about it later and will most likely be creating another page for it.  I’m still trying to workout this blogging system and if anyone wants to help that would be fantastic.  Like…  Can I create a page in the blog for my recipes and just transfer the entries into that page?  They’re in categories right now, but I want to be able to create links for them all so that it’s easier to find.  Like an index or something.  Oh I’ll figure it out.

Anyhoo…  the next race is the Gladiator Rock n Run which was created by Dan “Nitro” Clark from the American Gladiators.  I ran this last year and the only thing that kicked my ass was the hill at the beginning of the race.  I know that I need to train on hills more, but I just dislike them.  I’ll do it I’ll do it.

Speaking of hills, I registered for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco again this year.  This time I signed up to run the full marathon.  I’ve been wanting to take on the challenge of a full marathon since I started running back in August 2011, but didn’t think I had the cajones to do it.  I’m gonna attempt to do it this year.  It’ll be a nice birthday present to myself.  🙂

I’ll be posting some recipes later on this week.  We still have some offal in the freezer that we haven’t gotten to yet.

Until Next Time…



Ever heard of Rambutan?  It’s a funny looking fruit that looks similar to lyechee, but this one has that hair all over it.  I had first heard of this fruit from my friend Justin.  He said that if I like lyechee, then I’m going to like this.  I had picked up a pack of them at my local Asian grocery market and took it home.

IMG_1405 IMG_1406

But how do you open it?  I had no idea.  The outer part is kind of hard, but I couldn’t peel it easily.  Thank goodness for YouTube because someone had posted a video on how to open a ramubutan on there.  It was very simple.  Take a knife and press down into the fruit until you feel it cut through the shell.  You’ll feel it.  Don’t cut all the way through.


Once you’ve cut all the way around you can pull the top shell off and then the fruit.

IMG_1408 IMG_1409

It is now ready to eat.  Please note, that there is a seed in the middle of the fruit.  It’s not so tasty.  The fruit itself is juicy and sweet.  For more information on Rambutans please click HERE and HERE.


Paleo Friendly Kabobs

I am all for easy recipes.  I’m a busy mom of two kids who can sometimes drive me up the wall.  I love them.  🙂

I’m also an active person, and when I complete a workout at the gym or just come back from a long run I need food!  I’m starving!  I can’t wait 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours for my food to be prepped and cooked.  I’m hungry now!  You know what’s a quick and easy recipe?  Kabobs.

It’s Paleo friendly, it’s healthy, and it’s quick!

For this particular kabob I had the following ingredients:


Bell Pepper, Linguica, Onion, Shrimp and Scallops.  What’s not pictured is bacon.   At the last minute I decided to wrap the scallops in bacon because… well…  bacon is delicious.  😛

Threw it on the grill for a couple of minutes…



POW!  Delicious!!  You can add mushrooms, tomatoes or zucchini if you want.  DEE-LISH!

Notes:  The linguica is already cooked so all you are doing is heating it up.  The veggies and shrimp will take about the same amount of time to cook which is 2-3 minutes.  You will know when the shrimp is cooked by the pink outer skin.  The bacon wrapped scallop will take a bit longer.  You will know when the scallop is cooked when it is opaque.  This takes about 5 minutes for the large sea scallop and about 2-3 for the smaller bay scallops.

A little note abut the skewers…  I have heard that it is better that you soak the bamboo skewers in water for 20-30 minutes so that they don’t burn.  I’ve done that.  Still came burned off though not as quickly as if I hadn’t soaked them.  Don’t want to deal with burnt bamboo in your mouth then I would recommend purchasing the metal skewers.  I reckon it’s Earth friendly.  Just make sure to store them where you won’t be able to stick your hand in the drawer and stab yourself.  Bleeding is not cool…

So as you can see from the various recipes that I’ve posted, the Paleo diet isn’t just meat meat meat.  There’s lots of variety and delicious food to be had.  Just as long as it is fresh, preferably organic and preferably grass fed/pasture raised/wild.  Yes, I do have dairy but it’s raw and unpasteurized.  I’ve read articles this past week of people bashing the paleo diet and that it’s just a fad diet.  It’s really not.  It’s about eating fresh food.  It’s about cutting out the processed foods and sugars.  It’s about eating healthy.

Do I miss grains?  Yeah, but then I think about my Dad and his battle with diabetes.  How he has to check his sugar levels many times throughout the day to make sure it’s at a safe level.  How he has to take medicine when that level is too high.  How he has to watch his bread and sugar intake.  That’s just not for me.

Eat CLEAN party people!  If you need help with that let me know.  I an more than willing to help.  Happy Friday!


Korean Melon

Ever heard of a Korean Melon?  I hadn’t until about 3 days ago when I was out grocery shopping with PaleoJoe.  When we grocery shop we mainly stick to the perimeter of the store where all of the REAL food is located.  Processed foods are bad you know?  While in the produce section I happened to glance over where the fruit were and saw this yellow fruit.


This one is about 6 inches in length with maybe a 4 inch diameter.  It wasn’t heavy, and I tried to find one with the least amount of bruises and was firm.  Since I had never had this fruit before I decided to buy two of them and then get my google on to see what this fruit was all about.

I first did a search of how to prepare it.  It is very very easy.  The skin of the fruit is very thin so if you wanted to, you can give it a wash and munch away.  I didn’t do that.  I used a knife peeled it.  I’m sure you could use a peeler if you really wanted to.  Again, the skin is thin so you shouldn’t have any problem peeling it.


So as you can see, the meat of the fruit is white.   The smell if fresh, sweet, and like a melon.  Cantaloupe, honey dew, etc.



This is the inside of the melon.  As you can see, there are seeds inside.  You can either scoop out the seeds or eat it.  I did both.



The seeds are soft and sweeter than the meat.  I guess I lucked out and chose the right one because it wasn’t soft, but nice and crisp.  Had a crunch to it.  All in all, a very refreshing fruity treat.  I would definitely buy this again.  I haven’t seen this fruit in any good ol’ American supermarkets so your best bet is to check out the nearest Asian market to see if it’s in stock.

Saw an excellent suggestion on the page that I’m going to link to below:  Use the melon as an edible bowl.  Serve cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit salad, etc. in them.  What a great idea!

For more information on the Korean Melon you can go HERE.

Weekend Update

PaleoJoe and I slept in on Sunday, which almost never happens for me because I’m an early bird.  Of course, as you wake up more and you start to get ready for the day, you get hungry.  I remembered that there was a bag of shiitake mushrooms in the fridge and they are fantastic in an omelette.  I don’t know how PaleoJoe does it, but he makes an amazing omelette.

Skillet was preheated and the bacon was sizzling.  Onions and mushrooms were on another pan sizzling in coconut oil and then later ghee.  I think there were 8 eggs cracked open in a bowl with a ridonkulous amount of garlic, pepper and salt.  Once the innards were all cooked, PaleoJoe scrambled the eggs and put it in the frying pan to cook up.

Now I don’t know if he had forgotten about the eggs for a bit, the stove was on too high, or perhaps there was too much stuff to fold over the egg and make it into an omelette, but the omelette was in danger of breaking and causing a mess.  So he left it flat and open and plopped everything on it to finish up cooking.  When all is said and done we have a breakfast pizza:

IMG_1316 IMG_1318


It was very good.  I’m sure you can play around with the toppings and make the breakfast pizza of your dreams, but this one right here was divine!  Who says you can’t have pizza for breakfast?  🙂  What else would you call this?  Frittata?  Crustless quiche?  I like breakfast pizza better.  🙂

Every so often we’ll have happy food accidents.  Another one we had this weekend was a stuffed avocado.  Wait, is it stuffed if you’re just putting something on top of it?  Well anyhoo…  it was Saturday afternoon and we had just got back from a busy afternoon of grocery shopping and a kick ass back workout at the gym.  We were hungry and so PaleoJoe put together a smoothie while I popped my head into the fridge to put something quickly together. I found our Tuna Salad and an avocado.

I cut the avocado in half and scored lines in it with my knife so that it would be easier to scoop out the avocado with the tuna salad.  Yup!  I topped the avocado with the tuna salad.



The smoothie had two scoops of the homemade ice cream that I had made, Coconut oil, raw whole milk, raw unroasted cashews, 7 strawberries, 1 mango, 1 apricot, and 3 free range eggs.  It was fruity, yet there was a hint of chocolate in there from the ice cream.  Super tasty!!

Oh wait, I had forgotten the lunch that he made me just before we went on the grocery run.



Oven roasted salmon filet with mixed vegetables.  We had it outside because it was a beautiful and warm day.  On the laptop we watched this hilarious YouTube channel called Bro Science.  You can find it here:

This guy is the Jenna Marbles of the gym.  Super frickin’ hilarious!

I just now realized that I’ve been jumping around on this weekend update.  My bad.  It’s the typical busy weekend for me.  Dropped the kids with their Dad on Saturday afternoon.  Lunch with PaleoJoe, grocery shopping, gym, and meal prep.  Sunday there was a festival in Campbell called Boogie on the Bayou that we went to for a couple of hours.  We had the breakfast pizza before leaving so we weren’t tempted to buy any of the food.  I did buy a pound of cherries and this smoker.


I’ll write more about it later.  After Campbell we went to the gym to work on our chesticles and then back home for food.  I’ll write more on that later.

We ended our Sunday with a trip to our favorite bar for karaoke night and fabulous people.  All in all, a fantastic and fun weekend.  🙂