Stanford Dish & Arms Day at the Gym


It was a beautiful day yesterday here in California.  PaleoJoe and I have a friend who we like to work out with at Gold’s Gym and prior to picking him up from work we stopped at the Stanford Dish.


We’ve been here once before and the loop is easy, but hilly.  It will definitely challenge you.  The main entrance has a guard house to make sure that no one is biking on the trail, no one brings their dog, and to kick people out at 8 when the trail closes.  Apparently security even drives along the trail to make sure that people aren’t shenaniganizing.  Not that it’s a bad neighborhood or anything, but it’s Stanford and they have equipment on this trail that they don’t want people to tamper with.  That’s my guess.


There are a lot of people on this trail so no worries about getting harassed.  There’s a lot of ground squirrels, birds, and the occasional deer family.  Apparently it is also mountain lion country so keep an eye out.

After one loop on the trail we headed to our friend’s place of work and picked him up so we could go to the gym.  Tuesday is usually arms day when we go to Gold’s Gym because there’s a tricep machine that  PaleoJoe loves.  Says he really feels the burn when he uses it.  I took it easy and went about 5 lbs lighter on some exercises because I was feeling tired, and once during the set I felt dizzy.  Towards the end I was getting hungry.  Thinking back on it now, I think we did more tricep exercises than biceps.

I could be wrong…

Anyhoo…  I had my two gym buddies standing by to watch for signs of fatigue and struggle so I was good to go.  I didn’t overdo it.  I hydrated every other set and since there were three of us there was a longer rest period.  Staying fit and fabulous!


Elliptical Machine…

There is nothing more satisfying than finishing something you started.  I felt that sense of accomplishment this morning when I put tightened the last screw on the elliptical machine I had assembled this morning.

So a little back story on this machine…  I work for a small company and in my office there are only two full-time people working at all times.  That would be me and my boss.  There are others in the company, but I barely see them or they don’t know enough English for me to be able to communicate with them.  I end up chatting with my boss a lot when we’re not busy working.  Last week she and I were talking about running and exercise.  She mentioned to me that she would like to get more active, but doesn’t have the time.  I tell her that we all have the same amount of hours in the day.  It all depends on how we use it.  Time management!!  I told her that there are lots of little things that she could do here in the office that doesn’t require any fitness equipment at all, and I showed her a thing or two.  She laughs and says, “Oh no, I can’t do that.”

I then joke around and say, “Then why don’t you get a treadmill for the office.  You can be walking on the machine during a conference call.”  She says, “Won’t that be loud?  What if we get an elliptical?  That’s not too loud.”  I laugh and tell her I’ll look at a couple of them and she can have them delivered to the office.

A couple days go by and I had remembered our conversation about the elliptical machine and so I did a quick search at Walmart for a cheap yet highly rated machine and sent her the link.  I didn’t think she was serious, but she ended up buying the machine.  Woo-hoo!!


This awesome box came to the office yesterday afternoon and I wanted it to be my first priority the following morning.

When I got to the office today I checked e-mail and lucky me…  nada!  So I had all the time in the world to put together the machine.  When I first opened the box and started taking things out I was a bit intimidated because I would be doing this by myself, and the reviews on the website were telling me that the tools given in the box kinda sucked.  I didn’t have any tools at the office so I had to use what I was given.




So far so good!!  Now let me tell you that there were two things that stumped me and that was attaching a large bolt on the left side of the machine and then the sensors.  I was a little frustrated because I thought I had to use brute force to get the bolt in, but I found out that I was turning the screw the wrong way.  In this case, lefty loosey was tighty righty.  Get that I mean?  Then the sensors…  I thought I was missing a connector or I didn’t pull the cord all the way through and it was sitting at the bottom of the pole.  Nope!!  It was a whole nother wire on a whole nother part.  Nyuk nyuk!



POW!!  Work complete!!  It took me about 3.5 hours.  It probably would have taken me less, but I had to take a break out of frustration otherwise I would have thrown it down the stairs.  I did it!!  Now I can exercise for about 10-15 minutes on break or even during lunch if I wanted to.  How about THEM apples?  🙂

What I like about elliptical machines is that it’s easy on the joints.  When I was a bit heavier, running hurt.  My left knee was always giving me trouble, so doing exercises like lunges or squats caused me pain.  When I knew that I wanted to give a half marathon a go, I would use this machine to build up strength in my muscles so that I can later move to the treadmill and then running outdoors shortly after.  It’s a good machine to start with for cardio.