Curry Pork Chops with a Yam Noodle Vegetable Stir Fry

I had made this the other night hoping that my boyfriend would like it because he had mentioned to me before that he wasn’t a fan of pork chops.  I personally find it super tasty so I made them.

There’s a store next to where I live called Manila Oriental Market, or I like to call it MOM’s.  It doesn’t have the best customer service, but if you’re looking for Asian food that’s where I go.  The meat selection is huge and so is the seafood.  I couldn’t tell you if they had grass-fed or wild caught items there and believe me I’ve asked, but I don’t think they understand what I’m asking.  I’ve given up trying to find out and just smile, point, and raise my fingers to indicate how many pounds of that particular protein that I want.  the trick is to know what you want so that when they come to you there’s no attitude.  Oh and it always helps to smile and say thank you.

On this shopping trip I picked up some pork chops and a pack of yam noodles.


Pork Chops

image (2)

Yam Noodles

Since I’ve changed my eating ways to that of the caveman I’ve been exploring alternatives to eating grains.  These noodles made of yam made an excellent substitute to the rice noodle.  There ‘s also shirataki noodles (Though make sure you check the ingredients on the bag because sometimes they sneak a little sugar or even soy into it) or even, my personal favorite, Konjac Glucomannan (The first noodle alternative I’ve tried and it’s purely the ground konjac root and water.  Nothing else.) which can be found HERE.  The Konjac noodles come in all different shapes and sizes so if you’re feening for some spaghetti, ravioli, or even rice they have em.  Plus, they’re inexpensive.

Anyhoo…  back to the recipe.  Please note that I don’t really measure when I’m cooking.  I pretty much eyeball everything so all measurements listed are guesstimates.  Please add a little bit of seasoning at a time and taste taste TASTE!



1 pound of pork chops

1-8.5 fl. oz. box of coconut milk (AROY-D is awesome because it’s 100% Coconut Milk, no preservatives and lasts for a year after purchase)

2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil

1-2 tsp of curry powder

Salt and Pepper or any other seasoning that you like to use.



1. Preheat your pan to medium high to high heat with your coconut oil in it.

2. Season your pork chops with the ingredients.

3.  Place pork chops on the pan.  Sear each side for 2 minutes.  Turn heat to medium.

4.  Pour coconut milk into pan.  Let cook for about 5-7 minutes.

image (1)

5. Take pork chops out of the pan and put them aside to rest.  (Or if you’re hungry and want em now ENJOY!)

For this next recipe I pretty much used the same pan.  So if you want, you can use the same pan or you can use a different pan.  Entirely up to you.  I figure I’m going to use the same seasonings on my stir-fry anyway, so why not?  Less mess for me to clean up in the end.



1 bag of Yam Noodles (Some noodles, like the shirataki and Konjac sometimes have a fishy smell to them.  That’s natural and it comes from the root.  Just give it a quick rinse and you’re good to go.)

2 Tomatoes (You can take out the seeds if you wish.)

7 sticks (are they called sticks? Meh whatever…) of Asparagus

3-4 garlic cloves

Handful of Baby Bok Choy

1/2 a yellow onion

photo (1)


1.  Make sure the pan you are using is on medium to medium high heat and you have some coconut oil in there.

2.  Just do a rough chop of all of your vegetables.

3.  Throw in the onions and asparagus.  When the onions are nice and caramelized (3-4 minutes) you can add the garlic and tomato.

4.  Add Yam Noodles.

5.  Add baby bok choy and cover pan.  Cook with lid on for about 3-5 minutes.

image (4)

POW!  Veggie Stir-fry COMPLETE!!

Note:  I didn’t add seasoning to this recipe because I had re-used the pan and it was plenty seasoned with the coconut milk, the curry powder, and the salt and pepper.  If you decide to make it on your own feel free to add whatever you like.  If I hadn’t made the pork chops I probably would have added some freshly minced ginger, low sodium soy sauce,and perhaps some mirin.

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I prepared the leftovers for my boyfriend to eat for lunch the next day and he texted me with “Lunch was amazing love!!” 🙂


Hope this meal was amazing for you.  ENJOY!