Slow Cooked Wild Boar Boneless Shoulder

What is your take on game meat?  I like it!  I’m a big fan.  I wish I had some hunter friends because I would totally hit them up to go hunting for me so I would always have game meat in my freezer.  Since I don’t know any hunters I end up getting my game meat from this awesome store called Dittmer’s Gourmet Meats & Wurst-Haus in Los Altos.  They have an amazing selection of deli meat, sausages, and much much more!  I discovered this place while on a lunch break.  I had some time to kill so I left the office to go on a walk.  It was a beautiful California day and I had been sitting in my office for a little too long.  While on my walk I came across this store and stepped inside.  LOVE THIS PLACE!

Last week I picked up a Wild Boar Boneless Shoulder.


The last time I had Wild Boar was probably back in February and it was Wild Boar Bacon.  SO GOOD!!  It’s bacon…  of course it was going to be good!  😛

Tuesday morning PaleoJoe and I did a quick prep of ingredients before leaving for work.  Below is the recipe for cooking Wild Boar in a crock pot.  We served with with pureed celery root.  See recipe HERE.



1 whole Wild Boar boneless shoulder (I honestly don’t remember how many lbs the meat was)

3 carrots (peeled and chopped)

2 onions (peeled and chopped)

Hella Garlic (We love garlic.  I think we ended up using half a bulb.  Just smash and peel em)

1 can of organic diced tomatoes (if you have fresh that’s better!  Cut and seed em.)

1/4 – 1/2 cup of white wine (you can use red as well if you want.  Or none at all.  entirely up to you)

salt and pepper to taste



1.  Make sure that your crock pot is big enough for the amount of meat that you have.

2.  Season the meat on both sides.


3.  If your aromatics (veggies) haven’t been prepped, prep them now.

4.  Throw the veggies in the pot with the meat.

5.  Add wine (optional)


6.  Cover and set temperature to LOW.  Leave the cover on during the cooking process.  You wouldn’t want to release the heat.  You’re going to be cooking this for 6-8 hours.

7.  Get a cutting board or a large plate to put your meat on for cutting/serving.


8.  Using an immersion blender, you can blend the leftover veggies and juices.


9.  Cut and serve!  Pour as much or as little of the sauce on your meat and ENJOY!!


Note:  You can easily make this a stew if your meat was chopped into stew sized pieces.  This one was frozen solid and there wasn’t time to defrost it.  Again, we served the meat with a side of pureed celery root, which I will post the recipe for later.  Also, if you don’t have a crock pot you can also cook this in a dutch oven or cast iron pot and place it in the oven at 325 degrees for 2-3 hours.  That’s if your meat isn’t frozen solid like this one was.  You can even put it in a roasting pan.  Just make sure to turn the meat so that it cooks evenly.